Weaving projects on the looms at the moment

Check out more information by clicking on the pictures about each project. If you are interested in weaving one of them, please contact us using the contact form or calling us by phone.

Important! If you are new into the studio, please read the instructions below on how the assignment of weaving projects works.


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Weaving studio procedure

Please, read carefully these instructions to understand how the studio and the assignment of weaving projects work. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs page or contact us directly.

  1. Choose the project you would like to weave.

  2. Send us an email specifying the project, how many days you want to book the loom for, how many meters of warp you need and your availability for the next two weeks.

  3. Every Tuesday* we will notify the weavers by email about assigned looms and projects. Since the warp is shared with other weavers, we need to make sure that there is enough warp for your project and that the loom is not double booked. In addition, weavers subscribed to the studio have priority on loom booking. Read more about our subscription packages here.

  4. Decide weft materials if you haven’t done it already. We can guide you and we have a great selection of yarns, so we always advice weavers to come to the studio once before starting their project. This gives you time to order the material, look in your stash, etc.

  5. Start weaving, relax, and enjoy!

  6. When the project is finished, leave it on the loom. We will take it off the loom for you.

  7. Once the project is off the loom, we will measure your work to calculate the amount of warp used, and we will prepare the bill for you.

  8. Pick up your project!** We could give you finishing tips if needed. You can use our sewing machines or iron for the finishing.

*In order to be able to publish the list on time, we ask weavers to send their requests by Mondays at 9:oo AM. Thank you!

**Remember that we only accept card payment.