Frequently Asked Questions


if i have booked a loom, when can i come to weave my project?

When you book a loom, you can come to weave every day from 7:00 to 22:00, weekends included. You will borrow a key of the studio and you are free to come and go when best suits you. Be aware that our staff will be in the studio only during opening hours.

In order to be respectful with our neighbours we ask weavers to weave only in between these hours. Thank you!


which ones are the accepted payment methods?

We only accept card payments for yarn purchase and loom rental. For courses we accept both payment methods; card payment the first day of the course or bill by email during the first week of the course.


what should i do when i have finished weaving my project?

If our staff is at the studio at that moment, we will help you taking your project off the loom. We will measure it to calculate the amount of warp material used. We will give you finishing tips and you are free to use sewing machines or other tools available for that. After card payment, you are ready to take your project home with you!

If our staff is not at the studio at that moment, leave your work on the loom. Your project will be off the loom the following working day and we will inform you. You can then come to proceed with the card payment and take your project home! In this case you can also use our sewing machines for finishing your projects.