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I am forced to write all the following because if I don’t do it I can get into troubles. It’s boring, it’s something that it should be common sense, but in the society we live today if you don’t have twenty pages of disclaimers, you are not safe. So let’s go to it.

Opinion disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed on this webpage and blog are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. These views and opinions don’t necessarily represent those of www.kutomostudio.com founders or staff.

No responsibility disclaimer

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Copyright and trademark disclaimer

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Disclaimer about these disclaimers

We are not making fun or despising the topics presented above. We are just sad because we have to invest time on writing all this when in reality we would like to be knitting or preparing weaving projects for our customers. We would just hope that people wouldn’t blame others for their opinions, or that nobody would make us responsible for things that are out of our control or that nobody would benefit from our work without our consent. The World would be perfect, right?

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