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Hey there, thanks for stopping by.

This is our first blog post, ever. Probably we should introduce ourselves and what are we doing here. Yep, that’s probably a good idea. So let’s start…

We are Merja and Zoe. We met some time ago during a weaving course. After that we became friends and we attended tons of other courses such as natural dyeing, knitting, more weaving… you see the pattern right? We are craft lovers!

Zoe and Merja during a natural dyeing course in Espoo, Finland.

Zoe and Merja during a natural dyeing course in Espoo, Finland.

Few months ago I asked Merja if she wanted to be part of this crazy dream that I had; building a knitting and weaving studio in Helsinki. She said yes… poor Merja! She had no idea what she was going into.

If you are from Helsinki, probably you have realised that there are not many places where knitters and weavers can gather together. A place where they can just go and they know for sure that they will meet people with their same interests. I mean, a place where they could feel at home, not just a random cafeteria.

This is what KUTOMO craft studio pretends to be. A cosy and welcoming place for all the craft lovers as well as wannabe craft lovers!

The studio is still ‘under construction’. We have the place in Malagankatu 5, Helsinki. Tram stops are 200 meters away and metro stop is approximately 1 km. The area is still under construction, but we hope we can grow with the area and become part of the neighbourhood. We are almost every day there, come by and we will show you the progress of the studio!

We have a logo, what do you think about it?

We have a logo, what do you think about it?

We have a webpage as well. Still a lot of work to do on it, be patient please :) However, we are starting with our Instagram, feel free to follow us to keep updated on the progress of the studio.

This blog will be the story of our journey. We will share the progress of the studio, weaving and knitting techniques, new materials we discover, and our crafty trips. In the following two posts we will introduce ourselves a bit more.

By the way, today it’s me writing, Zoe. You will notice it because I am the one writing in English. Merja will be here for the next post, and she will be writing in Finnish.

We hope you will enjoy this blog and most importantly, the KUTOMO community!

Talk to you soon,